Title : One
Date: 2011-04-01
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  I had one for the road with my friends in the farewell party before my immigration.

At the first year, Simon and Jessica helped me a lot; I・ll do a favor for them in return if they need. One good turn deserves another.

I didn・t meet Tom that much in HK, but we・ve learned about one another in Toronto. He likes one-night stand, I don・t. One man・s meat is another man・s poison.

Maybe I・m one of the old school, haha!


One for the roadGi茶e脅M較
One good turn deserves another : nHΤ
Learn about : A狐
One another : が
One man・s meat is another man・s poison : 審曙Rn]Hτ翁
One of the old school : u詑困H

I wrote this just for my English practising, hehe...


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