Title : It’s not genuine!
Date: 2011-03-22
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  If the traveler buys the watches and bags like LV in Temple Street in HK, we say those things are KNOCKOFF because those things aren’t real, they look very similar.

But if you look very similar to Andy Lau, we don’t say knockoff. We say an Andy Lau LOOKALIKE.

Sometimes we watch a film or a TV program, which is a copy of another movie that exaggerates its main features. We call it SPOOF.

Genuine : 真的;非偽做的;名符其實的
Knockoff : 冒牌貨
Lookalike : 長得極像(某人)
Feature : 特色;特徵;特點
Spoof : 對電影,電視節目等滑稽誇大地模仿

I wrote this just for my English practising, hehe...


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