Title : Horse
Date: 2011-03-17
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  The area that we・re living in is like a small town. We call it :ONE-HORSE TOWN;. It's close to our restaurant.

We have to serve the customers as if they are on their HIGH HORSES. We aren・t allowed to tell them to GET OFF THEIR HIGH HORSES. 

Some kids play noisily, we can・t tell them to STOP HORSING AROUND. Their parents might say, ;Kids are like that!" We just HOLD OUR HORSES; it is like BEATING A DEAD HORSE.

White horse, black 7 means I don・t know anything, haha!


One-horse town: mp瀧
High horses: 朖t尭C査A
Get off their high horses: YYsYH}шQ由
Stop horsing around: sHn斗斗_
Hold our horses: г@г@
Beating a dead horse: 楚召械佑f

I wrote this just for my English practicingK


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